How can a Medical/Healthcare Advocate Help Me?

Advocacy Healthcare Concepts, LLC can assist a variety of challenging needs. Especially when there is confusion about next steps for care and assistance is needed to navigate the healthcare system.


Transition of care coordination from the hospital setting to skilled nursing or home care environment.

Benefit Reviews

Review current insurance coverage and make recommendations to save on costs and maximize benefits.

Medication Organization

Medication organization and ongoing management.


Assistance matching individuals with appropriate independent, residential, assisted living, long term care or memory care options. Coordinate and accompany for tours, assist with pre-admission authorization.

Healthcare Navigation

Compassionate, expert support and guidance when families don’t know what to do next. We provide a process to help individuals and families see the big picture and empower them to make appropriate, safe healthcare decisions.


Scheduling and/or accompaniment to all medical appointments with subsequent communication to client/patient appointed individuals. Expert medical knowledge and experience to communicate effectively with medical providers.


Liaison between individuals and their families with healthcare providers. Liaison between family members and their loved one. Providing a neutral party among families and individuals for conflict resolution.

Independence Assessment

Assessment and evaluation of individual independence capabilities. Are you concerned about you or your loved one’s ability to remain safely at home? We perform a holistic home safety assessment and make appropriate recommendations and resource assistance.

In-Home Visits

Routine, periodic in-home visits. An extra set of eyes to assess the home situation for continued safety and appropriate resources and avoidance of hospital re-admissions.

When would I use a Medical/Healthcare Advocate?

We all enlist the assistance of experts in our lives for various reasons. We utilize the expertise of financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, even hairdressers.. But who do you turn to when complex or challenging medical issues arise? The hard reality is not if it will happen, but when it will happen. Who will help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and advocate for optimal care should a medical issue occur to you or a loved one? A medical or healthcare advocate works for YOU. We can help if you have one or more of the following:

Medical Condition

You have a chronic medical condition or multiple medical diagnoses.

Complex Medical Care

You are in need of complex medical care. You have a major surgery planned.

Many Doctors/Appointments

You have frequent medical appointments with multiple doctors.

Options for Long Term Care

You need options for independent, residential, assisted living, long-term or skilled care for yourself or a loved one.

Adult Caregiver

You are an adult child caring for aging parents or a loved one.

Who is Advocacy Healthcare Concepts, LLC?

Julie Wenzinger RN, CCM, BCPA
Board-Certified Patient Advocate
Julie Wenzinger RN, CCM, BCPA is the owner/operator of Advocacy Healthcare Concepts, LLC. She is a registered nurse, certified case manager and is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate. Currently less than 500 individuals across the United States have achieved the status of Board-Certified Patient Advocate.

As a nurse she has worked in hospital, home health, skilled care, long-term care and assisted living environments. She has seen first hand the trials that individuals and their families are confronted with when healthcare challenges arise. Her mission is to assist aging individuals and their families to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and empower them to make the best decisions for aging life care.

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